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NeerChem is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified India’s leading manufacturer of Water Purification TabletsBleach Tablets for Cleaning And disinfectionSwimming Pool Cleaning and Disinfectant Tablets. These tablets have applications in a wide area of markets from Household/Workplace Potable & Underground Storage Tank Water Purification to Fruit & Vegetable Disinfection, Hospital Disinfection, Farm Disinfection, Water Purification during Calamity/Disasters, Water Purification during Travelling/Camping/Trekking, Sterilizationpoultry products.

We manufacture under our own brands NeerChlor (For Water Purification)

NeerChlor – Water Purification Tablets at the point of use or at the water source in water systems will reduce microorganisms to make water safer to drink or use.
NeerChlor – Tablets are used in disinfecting Water at Household and Workplace whereas
NeerChlor – Travel safe is used for disinfecting water while travelling/trekking/camping.
NeerChlor – Food safe tablets promote food safety in kitchens, food & catering outlets by disinfecting surface in contact with food/fruits/vegetables.
NeerChlor – Food safe Tablets are also used for disinfecting fruits and vegetables.
Our range of high level broad spectrum disinfectant tablets NeerChlor kill harmful bacteria on surfaces to help reduce the spread of infection in clinical environments.
NeerChlor – Farm safe is for the treatment of drinking water for animals on the farm. These tablets are used to disinfect water on farms that aids livestock growth. Surface disinfection from solution prepared from these tablets help to protect livestock from disease.
NeerChlor – Relief Water Purification Tablets are preferred by various NGO’s and Organizations for treating water at calamity and disaster struck regions.
NeerChlor – Chlorine Tablets from TCCA Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 90% for Water Purification

Founder’s Note

Dr.R.S. Goswami is a worldwide travelled savant with a vast exposure of the pharmaceutical industry. He is a post graduate in Organic Chemistry, Post Graduate in Drug Chemistry & PhD in Human Genetics. He has 40 years of experience in heading the pharmaceutical industry. He is a visionary who has developed a wide range of products for serving humanity on the basis of persistent research and knowledge. He holds many positions related to his field and in social work. Currently he is the President of Federation of Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce & Industries. Dr.Goswami has established his enterprise in different areas such as Pharma, Chemicals & Agro based industry. He started his first company with a small capital of Rs. 10,000 and has set up an organization exporting its products in more than 45 countries. The client list includes prestigious International organizations & relief agencies across the globe.



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